CleanTelligent Software

CleanTelligent Software specializes in creating innovative software to help cleaning business stay one step ahead of their competition.They are the lead- ing janitorial software solution. In 2016, CleanTelligent focused on placing ads in prominent magazines within the cleaning industry, as well as placing ads digitally.

  • CleanTelligent features various tools in helping cleaning companies with running their businesses. Stay Connected to Your Cleaning Business was featured in Contracting Profit’s eUpdate series, June 2016. 
  • One of CleanTelligent’s features allows users to no longer need paper and pen. Eliminate Work Order Paper Trails appeared in Cleaning & Maintenance Management (CMM) in November 2016. 
  • Expand Your Reach was showcased in the July 2016 edition of BSM (Building Services Management) magazine.
  • Say No to Inbox Chaos appeared in the May 2016 edition of BSM magazine. 
  • Boosting Your Quality: How To Grow Your Cleaning Business Through Best Practices and Technology, a 78-page book dedicated to boosting the quality of your cleaning business.

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