Disney Ticket Research

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UPDATED: 1/19/18

NOTE: Not all prices may be accurate. I highly recommend checking for yourself before booking blindly. I am not responsible for prices changes.

Welcome! I've taken the time to compile ticket prices from various sites (none of which I have affliate links with). I love going to Disneyland and just want to share the love! Due to the complexity of listing every single ticket level, I've split each park into its own sheet.

Each rate is for one adult for 10/1/18.

I try to update this periodically, so check back again to see if you can get a better discount! My general advice is to buy a year before you go. IE. if you plan on going ANYTIME during 2018, buy in 2017. Disney tends to raise their prices every year around January/Febuary.

If you sign up for Ebates, you can earn some cashback on certain websites. Sign up here and receive $10.

For single day tickets (from Disney), check the website since the price is different depending on which day you go. Don't forget to check out the crowd calendar for the best day to go.

Click on the three lines next to 'DisneyLand' to see prices for the other parks.