• Disney Photo Challenge

    I hereby challenge you to a duel! Not really, that just sounded cool. But, I really do have a challenge for you. The next time you're at a Disney park, try the following, and report back.

    Take a picture of the following,

    1. Your hotel/place of accomodation
    2. A fun store display
    3. A favorite ride
    4. The castle!
    5. A favorite character
    6. A sweet treat (Dole Whip for the win!)
    7. A hidden Mickey (I bet you can't find one. -wink-)
    8. Your hat (or ears)
    9. Your wait time for a ride (fastpass doesn't count)
    10. With a cast member
    11. Fireworks
    12. Downtown Disney
    13. A car ride (in the park)
    14. With a princess or prince
    15.  A character breakfast/meal
    16. Dumbo!
    17. Your family
    18. The monorail!
    19. Your matching oufits/your Disneybound outfits
    20. Pins/buttons
    21. Something random
    22. Jack Sparrow (if you see him -wink-)
    23. A souvenir ride photo
    24. R2D2!
    25. Indiana Jones
    26. A villain
    27. and last, but not least, your favorite memory!