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  • Peter Pan Costume

    When I started making my Peter Pan outfit, I didn't have a ticket to #FanX17, but I wanted to be prepared just in case. (It's a good thing I planned ahead, as I won tickets for the weekend.) 

    Originally, I wanted to make Peter's outfit from Disney's "Once Upon a Dream" parade, but it turned out to be too complicated for my skill level. Instead, I opted for the movie version.

    I went to JoAnn’s and bought the fabric I wanted to use; a light green for the shirt, a dark, green felt for the hat, and a dark green stretchy fabric for the pants.

    I started with the pants. I used one of my pants as a template and I think it turned out well. 


    Whenever you use existing clothing as a template, be sure to give yourself a seam allowance. You’ll want to include about 1/2″ of allowance, then when sewing, make sure that extra amount is outside the stitch so you don’t pop your seams. My wife (or Wendy ;)) helped me with the pants, and added the elastic to the waistband.

    Also remember that before you cut your fabric, make sure your pattern goes with the fabric. That means, you’ll want the pants to stretch left to right, and not top to bottom. It’ll help you to not pop seams. I didn’t do that...

    After we made the pants, I made shorts, as I saw the Disneyland version wear.


    I ended up not using them, as I didn’t need them. If you’re planning on wearing your pants for an extended period of time, you might want to add large pockets to the pants to hold whatever you’ll need during the day. I originally added pockets to the shorts, but they ended up too small...

    As we all know, Peter is the best at hiding feathers, so I had to make sure I made a great one.


    I had an extra folder laying around, that I painted red and trimmed with black paint. The folder was perfect, as it was pretty stiff and didn’t bend too much when painted. I love how the feather turned out! I based it from a 3D print out from Disney that you can use to make your own Peter Pan hat.

    Next, I wanted to work on the dagger. I first started with styrofoam, but didn’t finish it...it didn’t turn out well and the foam keep shedding and making a mess...




    This image is my template on shipping foam, that doesn’t fall apart when you cut it. As of right now, I’m not having a dagger (Hook must have stolen it...). I even tried one out of cardboard. I’ll eventually make one from wood when I have more time.



    I also realized that while cutting out my shirt patterns, that I had just enough fabric...I bought 2 yards, and I recommend getting more than you think you’ll need...I wanted to do a double layer for each piece, so I could turn it and have a nice seam and hem to the shirt. Oh well.




    Since I didn’t have enough fabric, my front and back pieces weren’t the same size, but that didn’t matter too much. I was able to hid it when I sewed it together. ;)

    I also cut out sleeves, using a pattern that was too big for me...I don’t really suggest mixing patterns, if you can help it...it doesn’t always work out. I used a long sleeve as my template for the shirt and sleeves, and it actually worked out. :)


    Once the front, back, and sleeves were attached, I had enough fabric left over to add a hem to ever exposed edge. Oh, I also didn’t cut the triangles out from the sleeves and bottom until I had tried everything one and marked where I wanted them.

    For hemming, I put right side to right side, pinned, and sewed close to the edge. I had to use multiple pieces on each hem cause I didn’t have enough long pieces...it turned out well though.



    The scariest part was attaching the collar. I wanted to make sure I was putting it on correctly, and that it would fold the way it was suppose to after it was sewn. I suggest following a tutorial and adding that little bit of extra fabric to cover to the seam. I didn’t, but my neck will cover it.

    I found a pattern at JoAnns for the collar, and it actually fit nicely. You’ll want to make sure to buy interfacing for your collar; it helps it to keep it’s shape.


    And viola! Here is the final version! The hat was super easy to make. I just found a tutorial online and followed it. I attached the feather through a small slit in the hat. I also made a pouch from some suede, that has velcro to keep it closed. I already had the shoes (well I bought them for this) and the belt.



    - You don’t need a fancy stitch to sew. I used a zigzag on my pants, and it ended up catching the fabric in the machine. A regular straight stitch will work just fine.

    - Be sure to sew on the inside of your seam allowance. You don’t want to risk popping seams while wearing the outfit.

    - Make sure you buy enough fabric. I bought 2 yards, when really should have bought 5. (At least 5 for the layered look.)

    - Gather lots of reference images, if you’re aiming for authenticity.

    - I recommend using the app, Cosplanner. I love it! It lets you list out what you need to buy, or make; take progress pictures, and reference images.

    - Wigs aren’t always needed. As you can tell, my hair is short and not red at all. I’ll eventually get a wig, but for now I don’t need one.

    - All my fabric was a knit fabric (minus the hat) so whenever I put a pin in it, or a needle, a hole appeared. Measure twice, sew once is a great motto to live by. Luckily, pin holes are tiny and not noticeable.

    - Create a paper mock up of your outfit if you’re not sure how to make it. It helped me to figure out how to make the sleeve triangles.

    - When in doubt, ask for help. Make friends with other cosplayers, and ask them for help!

    I love how it turned out and I hope to see you at #Fanx17 this Friday!

  • Disneyland PhotoPass

     (image © Disney)

    I've noticed, a few times, questions about Disney's PhotoPass feature. I've even had some myself. Well, you're in luck because I will do my best to answer your questions! 

    First off, a PhotoPass is a little card given to you from either a PhotoPass photographer or the Photo Center on Main Street. When your picture is taken from a Photogapher, they'll connect it to your card (digitally). You can then log into your PhotoPass account and access the images. They may take up to 24 hours to appear, so be patient.

    Now, having the card does not allow you to just download your images, unfortunately. That's where the MemoryMaker (Disney World) or the PhotoPass comes into play. You can either download each individual picture for a fee (not worth it) or you can purchase the passes. Since I've only used the PhotoPass, that's what I'll talk about.

    Disney's PhotoPass can be purchased in either a One Day or One Week.  The One Day will cost you about $39 and the One Week $78. What does that all mean, though? If you plan on only attending Disneyland/California Adventure for one day, you'll want the One Day option. This means all the "Disney PhotoPass photos, attraction photos and videos, dining photos and Magic Shots" taken on your one day visit are yours to download! Whereas, if you're visiting for more than one day, you'll want the One Week option.

    Now, there's something else you need to know. In order to access your photos, you need to activate the code given to you on your PhotoPass card!

    We went in October 2015, during the 60th Anniversary. When we collected our images, we found a bunch of extra images in our collection. I can't say that they'll do that every time, but it's possible.

    The photographers are also great! When we were at California Adventure, we had a great photographer that went beyond her role to get us great images! She had excellent ideas on where and how to pose us. She put us on the trolly car, over my Monster's Inc., and by the main street theatre. She was great!

  • Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

    "Make dreams and screams come true at the ghoulest celebration of the year―select nights during September and October."

    Every year, during September and October, Disneyland (and World), decorates for Halloween. There's even an after-hours party. Tickets go on sale later in the year, but get yours ASAP! They'll sale out quickly!

    We attended in October 2015, and we had a blast! It was my first time going (my wife had already gone earlier in her life...). We dressed up as Robin and Maid Marian from the animated version, Robin Hood. Our costumes didn't include any masks, which is a good thing because adults are not allowed to wear masks of any kind.

    There isn't much to it, but it's a great experience; especially for little ones. It grants you an opportunity to visit the park after-hours and to ride some rides that you may not be able to do during regular hours. For instance, we rode Peter Pan's Flight. The line is usually extra long (I think there should be a fast pass for it...), but with less people in the park, I think it was shorter. I have to say, Peter Pan is one of my favorite characters and I'm nervous to meet him when we go in March 2017. (Stay tuned, as I'm working on a secret costume for a local comic convention.)

    We didn't focus much on meeting the characters (since it was just the two of us) and especially since the lines were crazy long. On top of that, it rained a little bit while there, so they had to move some of the characters to dry spots. They even had to move some of the treat stations too. What's a treat station you ask? Well, it's exacatly that. It's a trail that winds throughout the park and you get candy as you travel it. It's quite a lot of candy, and I doubt we ever finished it all...

    What's also cool is that The Haunted Mansion is also "remodeled" to be The Nightmare Before Christmas. Since this was my first time attending Disneyland during a holiday, I had no experience what-so-ever. It was great, though! I'm a big fan of the movie, so it was awesome to see the Mansion decked out! I'd gladly go again!

    To see pictures of our 2015 trip, click here.