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  • March 2017

    Did I mention that we went to DisneyLand in March? Well, we did and it was great. Hot, but great. We took our 8-month old with us and he seemed to enjoy it. We were also able to get a TON of photos with our PhotoPass.

    We asked one of the photographers for suggestions on where to go for great pictures, and he suggested the train stop in New Orlean's Square. Since the train wasn't running (due to construction), we were able to get some awesome pictures in the engine. Our photographer was great!

    I can't recommend Disney's Photopass enough! For more information about it, please visit this post.

    We only stayed for two days and at DL. We figured that California Adventures is more of an adult park, and with a baby, we decided to stay at DL for him. Both days were hot! Which was unexpected... We even had to buy L a new shirt (seen above) for one of the days. His Peter Pan outfit was too hot for him! In ways of merchandise, I think that was the only thing we bought, but he still wears it today. :)

    In our family, we have a tradition - the first DL ride must be Dumbo. And we successfully accomplished this goal on this trip. :) Sadly, it was hot and L didn't do too well in the line... He quickly learned how to drink from a camleback water bladder; which is a great thing to get him to drink water.

    Luckily, Dumbo is a quick ride that allows for wind and a cool-down. L even meet Captain Hook, before he had to change due to the heat.

    L even wanted Capt. Hook to hold him! How cute! P.S. my wife did make L's Peter Pan hat, in case you wanted one. ;) Wife also crocheted her Mickey ears, and she told me (later) that she heard people talking about her ears. One conversation she overheard went something like this;

    "Which ears do you want?"

    "I want ones like hers". (Probably pointing to Wife's ears.)

    "I don't think they sell those here..." Then I assume the person was disappointed and had a sad face because Wife's ears were awesome!

    Before L was born, we decided to have his nursey be Winnie the Pooh themed. We even got crib sheets, and pads to match! I think it was day two, when we were in Pooh's Corner and decided to wait in line to see Tigger, Eeyore, and Pooh Bear. We thought he'd be excited to see Tigger, since we thought that was his favorite toy. Nah. He saw Tigger and wasn't impressed... But when he saw Pooh Bear, he was super excited! It was the cutest thing!

    When you're planning on taking children to DL, be sure to plan around them. Since it was hot, we wanted to make sure L was hydrated and that he also had nap time. Luckily, we had a large blanket with us that we used to cover his stroller when he napped. During lunch one day, he was actually cooler than we were! I was jealous. Luckily our stroller can lay flat inside, which was perfect for him when he needed to nap. DL does offer strollers to rent, but we figured we'd save some money and take our own, and I'm glad we did!

    We also bought some noise cancellation earmuffs for fireworks and parades. You can get a pair on Amazon for about $26. They were perfect for when we stayed to watch the Electrical Parade.

    L had his earmuffs on and it helped to muffle the noise from the speaker we were standing next to. It also helped him to stay asleep for probably longer than if he wasn't wearing them. I recommend them if your child has a sensitivity to noise.

    We also bought a plastic rain cover for the stroller, but we didn't end up needing it. You can get one on Amazon for about $12.