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  • MaxPass

    Screenshots of MaxPass App

    Pulled from Disney's official page for MaxPass.

    Disney recently added an awesome feature to their Disneyland Park app, the MaxPass. Another pass for the park, you ask? Why yes, but this one is a great addition to the team. The MaxPass allows for ticket holders to preselect FastPasses and purchase PhotoPass photos that were taken during the day.

    As you may recall, I wrote about DL's PhotoPass (here) earlier this year and talked about how it could cost about $70 to use the awesome feature. Well, I have amazing news! With DL's MaxPass, you can still purchase your PhotoPass photos, but for only $10! That's right! For each day you attend DL, you can spend only $10 to get every single photo that was taken during the day! That's quite the savings!

    I haven't tired it, as of writing this post, but when we attend again in March 2018, I am for sure purchasing it.

    In order to take advantage of this great feature, you have to have an activated ticket - aka you've been the main gates. Simply open the DL App and link your ticket to your profile and violá, you can now purchase the MaxPass.

    For the PhotoPass feature, you can still ask for a PhotoPass card from a photographer, and then link it to your account. Or, you can just use the app to scan the associated QR code. *(I'll need to check on that to make sure it's correct.)

    As I mentioned, the MaxPass also feature FastPasses! Just like with the PhotoPass, you need an activated ticket and you're good to reserve available FastPasses. This means you won't need to walk (or run) to the nearest kiosk to get your FastPass. There is a catch... you are only allowed to reserve one FastPass per ride per ticket holder. That means if you only connected the MaxPass to your Disney account, then you will only get one FastPass for the ride you're wanting to go on. In order to reserve FastPasses for every member of your party, you'll need to purchase a MaxPass for each one.

    For some people, that can easily rack up the charges. However, FastPass kiosks are still functioning, but they only issue a reminder slip instead of the actual FastPass. DL has now linked your FastPass to your admissions ticket. You'll scan your ticket at a kiosk and be issued a reminder slip. Since this means you'll be using your ticket more often than normal, take a picture of it. If your ticket is lost, or heaven-forbid stolen, you can easily show the picture to a cast member and they should be able to help you to get a new one.

    When arriving at your ride (during your return time), you'll want to have your DL App ready. Instead of handing the FastPass to a cast member, you'll scan your digital FastPass at a kiosk scanner and away you go! Another cool feature is that you can "easily cancel or change your selection on the My Plans screen." (Disney)



























  • Disney Bounding

    "Why do you have a blog post named as the same name as your blog?" I'm glad you asked, non-existent person. I will gladly answer your question.

    Disney bounding is a term, most likely created by fans, that describes the act of dressing up like a Disney character, but mostly through normal clothes rather than a costume. A simple search on Pinterest will come up with quite a few different ideas.

    For your viewing pleasure, I have chosen a fellow Bounder, Celeste, and interviewed her as to her ideas, tips, and tricks for Bounding. And don't forget to keep up with Celeste on Instagram @celiesweetie!

    DB: Before we begin, please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into Disney Bounding.

    C: Well, when I was a kid I had this strange medobolic disorder, so my parents got our family passes to Disneyland. I was constantly in the hospital, at school or at Disneyland. Disneyland became my safe place where I was a healthy normal child. I have many happy memories. Disneybounding became my way of letting the magic into my everyday life. Now I have outfits for everything from working out to formal. 

    DB: In your own words, what is Disney Bounding?

    C: Disneybounding is what helps you bring the magic into your daily life. I Disneybound at work, school, and any other chance I get. It's not about being perfect, it's about adopting the confidence of the character and not letting anyone dull your shine. Skipping around the work place in a Cinderella skirt rather than being miserably dull, that's what it's all about to me. 

    DB: Is there a particular character you enjoy dressing up as the most?

    C: I absolutely ADORE my Cinderella outfit. The skirt is huge and flows in the wind so beautifully! It just makes my day! It's so comfortable. I can wear it to weddings, and although it is the wrong princess, I fall asleep in that outfit all the time. It is the best outfit I have ever owned. 

    DB: Is it easy or hard to find the right articles of clothing to match a character?

    C: I used to be afraid of cosplay and Disney bounding because I am a bigger girl. It is so hard for me to find clothes that fit, let alone specific ones to match a character. But putting these outfits together and feeling like a princess has given me the confidence to take on those who doubt me. Inspiring the younger girls in my life to be what they want to be no matter their body type gives me the motivation to disneybound. It can be hard sometimes, but I have learned to never be discouraged by my size. It always comes together eventually if I persevere.

    DB: What is your favorite event to attend, in Bounding attire?

    C: Every day life really. Of course I love going to the parks in Disney bound. But I will literally go anywhere and everywhere. 

    DB: Have you received any compliments on your outfits?

    C: My Cineralla and Aurora. I wear the Cinderella more often. Everyone complements the skirt all the time. I took my Senior Pictures in the Cinderella outfit and everyone loves it. I have so much pink in my closet that Aurora and Ariel become a part of everyday. 

    DB: What tips, or tricks, would you tell a new Bounder?

    C: Just be you. Add your personal touch. Wear what makes you feel like a princess or prince. Make it your own style. Dapper Stitch? Do it! Grunge Snow White? Rock it! Female Aladdin? Awsome! Be who you are and the world will love you for it. The more true to you the better! The most important part is to have fun! 

  • March 2017

    Did I mention that we went to DisneyLand in March? Well, we did and it was great. Hot, but great. We took our 8-month old with us and he seemed to enjoy it. We were also able to get a TON of photos with our PhotoPass.

    We asked one of the photographers for suggestions on where to go for great pictures, and he suggested the train stop in New Orlean's Square. Since the train wasn't running (due to construction), we were able to get some awesome pictures in the engine. Our photographer was great!

    I can't recommend Disney's Photopass enough! For more information about it, please visit this post.

    We only stayed for two days and at DL. We figured that California Adventures is more of an adult park, and with a baby, we decided to stay at DL for him. Both days were hot! Which was unexpected... We even had to buy L a new shirt (seen above) for one of the days. His Peter Pan outfit was too hot for him! In ways of merchandise, I think that was the only thing we bought, but he still wears it today. :)

    In our family, we have a tradition - the first DL ride must be Dumbo. And we successfully accomplished this goal on this trip. :) Sadly, it was hot and L didn't do too well in the line... He quickly learned how to drink from a camleback water bladder; which is a great thing to get him to drink water.

    Luckily, Dumbo is a quick ride that allows for wind and a cool-down. L even meet Captain Hook, before he had to change due to the heat.

    L even wanted Capt. Hook to hold him! How cute! P.S. my wife did make L's Peter Pan hat, in case you wanted one. ;) Wife also crocheted her Mickey ears, and she told me (later) that she heard people talking about her ears. One conversation she overheard went something like this;

    "Which ears do you want?"

    "I want ones like hers". (Probably pointing to Wife's ears.)

    "I don't think they sell those here..." Then I assume the person was disappointed and had a sad face because Wife's ears were awesome!

    Before L was born, we decided to have his nursey be Winnie the Pooh themed. We even got crib sheets, and pads to match! I think it was day two, when we were in Pooh's Corner and decided to wait in line to see Tigger, Eeyore, and Pooh Bear. We thought he'd be excited to see Tigger, since we thought that was his favorite toy. Nah. He saw Tigger and wasn't impressed... But when he saw Pooh Bear, he was super excited! It was the cutest thing!

    When you're planning on taking children to DL, be sure to plan around them. Since it was hot, we wanted to make sure L was hydrated and that he also had nap time. Luckily, we had a large blanket with us that we used to cover his stroller when he napped. During lunch one day, he was actually cooler than we were! I was jealous. Luckily our stroller can lay flat inside, which was perfect for him when he needed to nap. DL does offer strollers to rent, but we figured we'd save some money and take our own, and I'm glad we did!

    We also bought some noise cancellation earmuffs for fireworks and parades. You can get a pair on Amazon for about $26. They were perfect for when we stayed to watch the Electrical Parade.

    L had his earmuffs on and it helped to muffle the noise from the speaker we were standing next to. It also helped him to stay asleep for probably longer than if he wasn't wearing them. I recommend them if your child has a sensitivity to noise.

    We also bought a plastic rain cover for the stroller, but we didn't end up needing it. You can get one on Amazon for about $12.

  • Peter Pan Costume

    When I started making my Peter Pan outfit, I didn't have a ticket to Salt Lake Comic Con's #FanX17, but I wanted to be prepared just in case. (It's a good thing I planned ahead, as I won tickets for the weekend.) 

    Originally, I wanted to make Peter's outfit from Disney's "Once Upon a Dream" parade (see below), but it turned out to be too complicated for my skill level. Instead, I opted for the movie version.

    I went to JoAnn’s and bought the fabric I wanted to use; a light green for the shirt, a dark, green felt for the hat, and a dark green stretchy fabric for the pants.

    I started with the pants. I used one of my pants as a template and I think it turned out well. 


    Whenever you use existing clothing as a template, be sure to give yourself a seam allowance. You’ll want to include about 1/2″ of allowance, then when sewing, make sure that extra amount is outside the stitch so you don’t pop your seams. My wife (or Wendy ;)) helped me with the pants, and added the elastic to the waistband.

    Also remember that before you cut your fabric, make sure your pattern goes with the fabric. That means, you’ll want the pants to stretch left to right, and not top to bottom. It’ll help you to not pop seams. I didn’t do that...

    After we made the pants, I made shorts, as I saw the Disneyland version wear.


    I ended up not using them, as I didn’t need them. If you’re planning on wearing your pants for an extended period of time, you might want to add large pockets to the pants to hold whatever you’ll need during the day. I originally added pockets to the shorts, but they ended up too small...

    As we all know, Peter is the best at hiding feathers, so I had to make sure I made a great one.


    I had an extra folder laying around, that I painted red and trimmed with black paint. The folder was perfect, as it was pretty stiff and didn’t bend too much when painted. I love how the feather turned out! I based it from a 3D print out from Disney that you can use to make your own Peter Pan hat.

    Next, I wanted to work on the dagger. I first started with styrofoam, but didn’t finish it...it didn’t turn out well and the foam keep shedding and making a mess...

    This image is my template on shipping foam, that doesn’t fall apart when you cut it. As of right now, I’m not having a dagger (Hook must have stolen it...). I even tried one out of cardboard. I’ll eventually make one from wood when I have more time.

    I also realized that while cutting out my shirt patterns, that I had just enough fabric...I bought 2 yards, and I recommend getting more than you think you’ll need...I wanted to do a double layer for each piece, so I could turn it and have a nice seam and hem to the shirt. Oh well.

    Since I didn’t have enough fabric, my front and back pieces weren’t the same size, but that didn’t matter too much. I was able to hid it when I sewed it together. ;)

    I also cut out sleeves, using a pattern that was too big for me...I don’t really suggest mixing patterns, if you can help it...it doesn’t always work out. I used a long sleeve as my template for the shirt and sleeves, and it actually worked out. :)


    Once the front, back, and sleeves were attached, I had enough fabric left over to add a hem to every exposed edge. Oh, I also didn’t cut the triangles out from the sleeves and bottom until I had tried everything on and marked where I wanted them.

    For hemming, I put right-side to right-side, pinned, and sewed close to the edge. I had to use multiple pieces on each hem cause I didn’t have enough long pieces...it turned out well though.

    The scariest part was attaching the collar. I wanted to make sure I was putting it on correctly, and that it would fold the way it was suppose to after it was sewn. I suggest following a tutorial and adding that little bit of extra fabric to cover to the seam. I didn’t, but my neck will cover it.

    I found a pattern at JoAnns for the collar, and it actually fit nicely. You’ll want to make sure to buy interfacing for your collar; it helps it to keep its shape.

    And voia! Here is the final version! The hat was super easy to make. I just found a tutorial online and followed it. I attached the feather through a small slit in the hat. I also made a pouch from some suede, that has velcro to keep it closed. I already had the shoes (well I bought them for this) and the belt.


    - You don’t need a fancy stitch to sew. I used a zigzag on my pants, and it ended up catching the fabric in the machine. A regular straight stitch will work just fine.

    - Be sure to sew on the inside of your seam allowance. You don’t want to risk popping seams while wearing the outfit.

    - Make sure you buy enough fabric. I bought 2 yards, when really should have bought 5. (At least 5 for the layered look.)

    - Gather lots of reference images, if you’re aiming for authenticity.

    - I recommend using the app, Cosplanner. I love it! It lets you list out what you need to buy, or make; take progress pictures, and reference images.

    - Wigs aren’t always needed. As you can tell, my hair is short and not red at all. I’ll eventually get a wig, but for now I don’t need one.

    - All my fabric was a knit fabric (minus the hat) so whenever I put a pin in it, or a needle, a hole appeared. Measure twice, sew once is a great motto to live by. Luckily, pin holes are tiny and not noticeable.

    - Create a paper mock up of your outfit if you’re not sure how to make it. It helped me to figure out how to make the sleeve triangles.

    - When in doubt, ask for help. Make friends with other cosplayers, and ask them for help!

    I love how it turned out and I hope to see you at #Fanx17 this Friday!

    UPDATE (7/18/17):

    Remember how I said to cut the fabric so the stretch goes left to right? Well, since I failed to do so, my pants ended up ripping after the first wear... I ended up making a new pair, and adding elastic to the bottom so that my pant legs stay inside my shoes. It was my wife's idea, and I'm glad I listened. I also wear a small, crocheted bag and a small vial of pixie dust.

    I had a blast at #Fanx17 and I received the biggest compliment while in costume; someone said I should work at the Parks! That makes everything worth it!

  • Disneyland PhotoPass

     (image © Disney)

    I've noticed, a few times, questions about Disney's PhotoPass feature. I've even had some myself. Well, you're in luck because I will do my best to answer your questions! 

    First off, a PhotoPass is a little card given to you from either a PhotoPass photographer or the Photo Center on Main Street. When your picture is taken from a Photogapher, they'll connect it to your card (digitally). You can then log into your PhotoPass account and access the images. They may take up to 24 hours to appear, so be patient.

    Now, having the card does not allow you to just download your images, unfortunately. That's where the MemoryMaker (Disney World) or the PhotoPass comes into play. You can either download each individual picture for a fee (not worth it) or you can purchase the passes. Since I've only used the PhotoPass, that's what I'll talk about.

    Disney's PhotoPass can be purchased in either a One Day or One Week.  The One Day will cost you about $39 and the One Week $78. What does that all mean, though? If you plan on only attending Disneyland/California Adventure for one day, you'll want the One Day option. This means all the "Disney PhotoPass photos, attraction photos and videos, dining photos and Magic Shots" taken on your one day visit are yours to download! Whereas, if you're visiting for more than one day, you'll want the One Week option.

    Now, there's something else you need to know. In order to access your photos, you need to activate the code given to you on your PhotoPass card!

    We went in October 2015, during the 60th Anniversary. When we collected our images, we found a bunch of extra images in our collection. I can't say that they'll do that every time, but it's possible.

    The photographers are also great! When we were at California Adventure, we had a great photographer that went beyond her role to get us great images! She had excellent ideas on where and how to pose us. She put us on the trolly car, over my Monster's Inc., and by the main street theatre. She was great!

  • Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

    "Make dreams and screams come true at the ghoulest celebration of the year―select nights during September and October."

    Every year, during September and October, Disneyland (and World), decorates for Halloween. There's even an after-hours party. Tickets go on sale later in the year, but get yours ASAP! They'll sale out quickly!

    We attended in October 2015, and we had a blast! It was my first time going (my wife had already gone earlier in her life...). We dressed up as Robin and Maid Marian from the animated version, Robin Hood. Our costumes didn't include any masks, which is a good thing because adults are not allowed to wear masks of any kind. Here's an image from a Halloween party that we attended after MNSSHP, but we wore the same outfits. :) We made the tails from yarn and attached them to our belts/waist. Super easy to make!

    There isn't much to it, but it's a great experience; especially for little ones. It grants you an opportunity to visit the park after-hours and to go on some rides that you may not be able to during regular hours. For instance, we rode Peter Pan's Flight. The line is usually extra long (I think there should be a fast pass for it...), but with less people in the park, I think it was shorter. I have to say, Peter Pan is one of my favorite characters and I'm nervous to meet him when we go in March 2017. (Stay tuned, as I'm working on a secret costume for a local comic convention.)

    We didn't focus much on meeting the characters (since it was just the two of us) and especially since the lines were crazy long. On top of that, it rained a little bit while there, so they had to move some of the characters to dry spots. They even had to move some of the treat stations too. What's a treat station you ask? Well, it's exacatly that. It's a trail that winds throughout the park and you get candy as you travel it. It's quite a lot of candy, and I doubt we ever finished it all...

    What's also cool is that The Haunted Mansion is also "remodeled" to be The Nightmare Before Christmas. Since this was my first time attending Disneyland during a holiday, I had no experience what-so-ever. It was great, though! I'm a big fan of the movie, so it was awesome to see the Mansion decked out! I'd gladly go again!

    To see pictures of our 2015 trip, click here.


  • Disney Ticket Research

    UPDATED: 1/19/18

    NOTE: Not all prices may be accurate. I highly recommend checking for yourself before booking blindly. I am not responsible for prices changes.

    Welcome! I've taken the time to compile ticket prices from various sites (none of which I have affliate links with). I love going to Disneyland and just want to share the love! Due to the complexity of listing every single ticket level, I've split each park into its own sheet.

    Each rate is for one adult for 10/1/18.

    I try to update this periodically, so check back again to see if you can get a better discount! My general advice is to buy a year before you go. IE. if you plan on going ANYTIME during 2018, buy in 2017. Disney tends to raise their prices every year around January/Febuary.

    If you sign up for Ebates, you can earn some cashback on certain websites. Sign up here and receive $10.

    For single day tickets (from Disney), check the website since the price is different depending on which day you go. Don't forget to check out the crowd calendar for the best day to go.

    Click on the three lines next to 'DisneyLand' to see prices for the other parks.