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  • Disney Bounding

    "Why do you have a blog post named as the same name as your blog?" I'm glad you asked, non-existent person. I will gladly answer your question.

    Disney bounding is a term, most likely created by fans, that describes the act of dressing up like a Disney character, but mostly through normal clothes rather than a costume. A simple search on Pinterest will come up with quite a few different ideas.

    For your viewing pleasure, I have chosen a fellow Bounder, Celeste, and interviewed her as to her ideas, tips, and tricks for Bounding. And don't forget to keep up with Celeste on Instagram @celiesweetie!

    DB: Before we begin, please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into Disney Bounding.

    C: Well, when I was a kid I had this strange medobolic disorder, so my parents got our family passes to Disneyland. I was constantly in the hospital, at school or at Disneyland. Disneyland became my safe place where I was a healthy normal child. I have many happy memories. Disneybounding became my way of letting the magic into my everyday life. Now I have outfits for everything from working out to formal. 

    DB: In your own words, what is Disney Bounding?

    C: Disneybounding is what helps you bring the magic into your daily life. I Disneybound at work, school, and any other chance I get. It's not about being perfect, it's about adopting the confidence of the character and not letting anyone dull your shine. Skipping around the work place in a Cinderella skirt rather than being miserably dull, that's what it's all about to me. 

    DB: Is there a particular character you enjoy dressing up as the most?

    C: I absolutely ADORE my Cinderella outfit. The skirt is huge and flows in the wind so beautifully! It just makes my day! It's so comfortable. I can wear it to weddings, and although it is the wrong princess, I fall asleep in that outfit all the time. It is the best outfit I have ever owned. 

    DB: Is it easy or hard to find the right articles of clothing to match a character?

    C: I used to be afraid of cosplay and Disney bounding because I am a bigger girl. It is so hard for me to find clothes that fit, let alone specific ones to match a character. But putting these outfits together and feeling like a princess has given me the confidence to take on those who doubt me. Inspiring the younger girls in my life to be what they want to be no matter their body type gives me the motivation to disneybound. It can be hard sometimes, but I have learned to never be discouraged by my size. It always comes together eventually if I persevere.

    DB: What is your favorite event to attend, in Bounding attire?

    C: Every day life really. Of course I love going to the parks in Disney bound. But I will literally go anywhere and everywhere. 

    DB: Have you received any compliments on your outfits?

    C: My Cineralla and Aurora. I wear the Cinderella more often. Everyone complements the skirt all the time. I took my Senior Pictures in the Cinderella outfit and everyone loves it. I have so much pink in my closet that Aurora and Ariel become a part of everyday. 

    DB: What tips, or tricks, would you tell a new Bounder?

    C: Just be you. Add your personal touch. Wear what makes you feel like a princess or prince. Make it your own style. Dapper Stitch? Do it! Grunge Snow White? Rock it! Female Aladdin? Awsome! Be who you are and the world will love you for it. The more true to you the better! The most important part is to have fun!