Ever After More

Enter the world of the Grimm fairy tales and fight for your life!

Ever After More is a game of cunning, ruthlessness, and deceit, but at the same time it’s a game of friendship and family. That’s a strange way to describe a game, I know, but it’s true. But how can it be for families, yet be ruthless? Ever After More is more than just a game to played with friends, or even enemies. It’s a game that allows for unlikely partnerships, and even more unlikely betrayals. There’s no telling what kind of events will unfold as the story continues.

Ever After More is based from fairy tales, fables, and folklores. It allows for you, the player, to enter the world of known stories, but this time you can twist the plot line to fit your desires. Every time you play the game, things are different. Sometimes you’ll win multiple times, other times you’ll never win. Although this is a card game, it’s alive as can be and likes to pick favorites. Fair warning: this game is addicting.

The game can handle up to eight players on a standard deck (104 cards), starting at age 8 to infinite. (Granted, I’ve never had someone that old play it…) It consists of 104 cards: a mixture of 52 character cards, and a mixture of 52 items, spells, or location cards; and a 10-sided die. A brand new game can typically take up to an hour to learn, but after that if can be as quick as a 20 minute game!

The gameplay is rather simple, each player draws two cards per turn, then decide which cards to play on the table. You can have up to five character cards in play, at any given time, and up to two location cards as well. Items and spells are played either on your turn, or in reaction to attacks or other spells being used. Each card has a description which helps to determine how its used.

  • 10-90 minutes to play
  • 2-8 players
  • Min. age: 8+ years

Here is a video demonstrating how to play.

Each standard deck is available for sale, with additional booster packs as well. Each booster pack is an assortment of 18 new cards. Some booster packs are themed, and others are not.

Be sure to check out the tumblr for the game to stay up to date with new releases and more!