Pop Culture Convention


I started Pop Culture Convention in August 2015, while I was going to school at Southern Utah University. Its original name was "Cedar City Pop Culture Convention". My goal was to incorporate SUU with Pop Con and bring a new convention to Southern Utah. Sadly, it did not work out. I had attended Salt Lake Comic Con 2015, and thought that I could host my own convention in Spanish Fork.

It wasn't until around Janurary 2016 that things started looking better for Pop Con. My wife and I had recently moved to Spanish Fork, and I started a new job. I increased my presence on social media, and things started coming together. By being active on Facebook, I was able to increase the awareness of Pop Con. I even received emails from professional cosplayers wanting to be guests at the 2016 event! With their help, Pop Con became more popular! For 2016, we sold out of table space, and even had a waiting list!


My end goals for Pop Con are to earn enough revenue each year to have another event the following year; increase attendance each year; host various artists, guests, and celebrities; and have fun!


Similar to the SLCC, Pop Con is an opportunity for local (and non-local) vendors, artists, and gamers to rent table space to sale their merchendise. 

Each year, we plan on having three main areas: the Selling/Artist Alley (for vendors and artists); the Free-Game Zone (bring your games to play); and the Gaming Zone (to play game systems provided by Pop Con).

Feel free to contact us at ccpopcon@gmail.com with questions and concerns.