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1" Steven Universe Homeworld Gems Buttons


Button Sets

1" Steven Universe Homeworld Gems Buttons
Choose a side with these Gems!

Note** Cookie Cat is ONLY available with the set and is NOT sold separately.

Includes Jasper's, Lapis' and Lapis' cracked, Peridot's gem, and Cookie Cat.


Each button is available for $1.00, with the complete set of 5 buttons for a discount of $4! Be sure to get them while they last! Each button measures 1" across, is made to order, and a pin-back style button.

If you need to order more than what is available, please message me and I'll update the quantity. :)

**Is your order a gift? Be sure to let me know in the notes section at check-out and I'll wrap it up!**

If you would like to have your button showcased in the image gallery, please send me a picture once your order is received.