The Enchanted Tiki Room

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The Enchanted Tiki Room
~15 minutes
No FastPass available

Opinions vary about this attraction. Some enjoy it, and others do not. I think it’s worth at least one visit; especially on hot days. As far as I know, it’s the only attraction with A/C, due to all the computers that run the animatronics.

The Enchanted Tiki Room is a catchy and fun attraction. It's a sit-down, cool down show that showcases different birds that talk, sing and crack jokes. If you have little kids that need a cooldown or even a nap, go for it! Don’t forget to get a Dole Whip® at the Tiki Juice Bar before you go in. (Read my review on the snack here.) Some people claim that the wait inside the turnstile is shorter. It really depends on how long the line is outside the turnstile. You still have to wait for an attendee to help you, but it could be faster.

The Tiki Juice Bar offers a few different options for their Dole Whip. Please see below for the menu, pulled from Disney's website. (Prices updated 3/7/18)

  • Pineapple DOLE WHIP® Soft-serve - $4.99
  • DOLE WHIP® Float - $5.99
  • Fresh Pineapple Spear -$2.99
  • DOLE® Fruit Bowl - $2.99
  • DOLE® Pineapple Juice - $2.79

Image of the soft-serve (left) and the float (right) from Magical Recipes.

Before you get into the attraction, you may need to wait for the current show to end and for everyone to file out. While you wait, some of the tiki statues will come alive and will give a brief description of what each statue represents.

I found a really good video on YouTube by ThomasTheImagineer that showcases the ride. To quote Thomas, the "Enchanted Tiki Room is a 15-minute celebration of island romance and wonder performed in a magical theater-in-the-round." Skip to 9:47 in the video for the actual attraction.